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Minding Miracles Learning Center

Minding Miracles Learning Center, located in Matawan, New Jersey is a collaborative effort by Architects Studio Inc and DeDonno Construction to design and build a learning center where a great majority of Minding Miracles’ curriculum is focused on children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s). The project consist of adding a 3,600 sq. ft., two-story building to the 945 sq. ft. existing facility. Operations in the existing facility are required to continue normal teaching and learning functions during the construction of the new building. Site components of the program criteria is to minimize site costs through minimal use of impervious surface, incorporation of green surface infiltration system, and enlargement of secured play areas. Building criteria incorporates four large classrooms, kitchen, office, restrooms, as well as therapy and motor skills areas. Because of the numerous developmental issues and sensory associated variants that are inherent with autism, particular attention to environmental, sound, light, and tactile components of the project were major design focuses during the design and design development phases of the project.

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