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Architects Studio Inc is a professional architecture and design
firm providing a diverse range of services in all facets of
new building and restoration. The expert team at ASI is
dedicated to listening to our clients’ needs and desires. Our
team has the expertise to formulate a project specific program that builds the framework to achieving our clients' goals. ASI takes a holistic approach to transform those dreams into reality.

Architectural design encompasses and a variety of decision making milestones that relate to particular aspects of a project. Navigating and interpreting building codes and ordinances efficiently is an important element necessary to
reach those milestones.

Knowing the process as it relates to building design, building
codes, and zoning ordinances, and the ability to integrate
these requirements with the design program, site constraints
and human factors is critical. These milestones establish the
foundation for comprehensive solutions to each design. With
the foundation set, our creative attributes and talents can
begin to translate the vision of our client. This is a very
exciting phase as the project begins to take shape with our
client’s vision and ours.


Founded in 1992 by Philip Veneziano in Tucson, Arizona,
Architects Studio Inc has expanded from the Southwest
to the Northeast with licensure in Arizona, New Jersey,
New Mexico, and New York. Mr. Veneziano’s dedication to
quality service, design excellence, and technical expertise
is the cornerstone of Architects Studio Inc.

Architects Studio Inc has two regional offices in Tucson,
Arizona and Red Bank, New Jersey. Staff in each office
actively collaborates on projects across the country, thus
allowing ASI to dedicate appropriate talent to meet a
project’s programming, design, and administrative needs. 

ASI believes that the design process is a partnership
between our team and our clients. ASI contributes to that
partnership through experience, resources, and talent;
using contemporary programming approaches and design
tools together with traditional design methods to produce
comprehensive architectural solutions.

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